4 Stage Battery Chargers Explained

Good battery chargers or charge controllers/regulators will charge your batteries in stages depending on how much charge remains in the battery. Three or four stages are the most common, this article will explain how a four-stage battery charger works. We will also explain why it is important that you use the correct program settings on your charge controller.

How 4 stage charging works

The importance of using the correct charge settings

If you use the correct program settings for your battery charger or charge regulator it will extend its lifespan and performance. To know what the right settings are you will have to check what kind of battery you got. It will of course also depend on the type of charger you are using. For example, a deep cycle battery charger can charge deep cycle type batteries. You can read more about the difference between a deep cycle battery and a normal car battery here. But deep cycle batteries got several sub types. So depending on which subtype you want to charge, you have to select the appropriate program for it. You should also note that there are battery types that should not even be charged in 4 stages, such as Lithium-ion batteries. Li-ion batteries should not be over charged, so in this case, it is even more important that you select the correct charge settings or the battery might get damaged. If you want to read more about charge controllers that will help you extend battery life you can read our article on The Best MPPT Charge Controllers